RemoteApp Tool

So, you’re sitting at home, bored, while the family is sleeping off an eventful Christmas morning with a heavy lunch. You’re on your Mac, because you don’t want to go into the other room to loginto your desktop PC to load proprietary – single licensed software; what do you do?

You configure RemoteApps! Unfortunately, after extensive research (like 5 minutes with Dr. Google), you realize that Windows 10 Enterprise doesn’t support the hosting of RemoteApps, but rather, only connecting.

After another consultation with Dr. Google, you discover that there’s an open-source program for creating RemoteApps without needing the Windows Server license and OS…

You download RemoteApp Tool, install it and launch the msi.

After it’s launched, you’ll select the ‘new remoteapp’ option, point the necessary file paths to your .exe’s (in this case, VCarve.exe) and have it create the necessary RDP file with the desktop IP/DNS name.

Within 5 minutes, you’re up and running on your Mac, remotely – kicking back on the couch smelling the coffee and hearing the elf’s snoring away next to you.

This is a recommended tool for on-premise – intranet only – access. I don’t like RDP the public domain, so use with caution.

RemoteApp Tool