Upgrading AWS Lightsail Instance

Are you running out of performance enhancements? Is your instance freezing while uploading images to your wordpress instance? Are you ready to upgrade or downgrade your Lightsail instance?

No matter the situation, the upgrade and downgrade process is very easy if you’re using a static IP with DNS entries.

Total downtime, 60 seconds, max – unless you have regional caching.

Step 1) Log into your AWS Lightsail panel.

Step 2) Select your current instance

Step 3) Navigate to “Snapshots” > Create a manual snapshot (for the most recent image)

New Instance

Step 4) Select the three dots next to your snapshot and select “Create New Instance”. Select your options for your new instance.

Step 5) Create instance


Step 6a) Navigate back to your old instance

Step 6b) Select the networking tab > detach static IP

Step 7) Navigate to the new instance

Step 8) Select the networking tab > attach the available static IP, which should be the same one that you detached.

After a minute, you should be good to go!